Georgia Premiere

RRH Breyer Classic Kelso
Started: July 1998   Finished:

Georgia will be an Arabian Filly in a Western Pleasure jog. She tries so hard to please and is anxious to be able to show with the big horses in performance. I'm considering casting her as a resin.  Interested, comments on her?  If there is enough interest, I'll proceed in getting her cast (probably between 50 to 100 pieces). I also welcome input!

This is my eventual hope for her. I am working off of many photos like this to create the ultimate WP Arabian. This photo is of the Arabian Stallion Rising Star

I have a few preliminary photos of her.  Here's the origional and one after some cutting and moving.  She's changed a little from these though now with a tail and lots of facial sculpting.


Here is a new photo of her. She's still not 100% done. I want to do more veining, leg definition, but she's definitely getting there! I'm excited!

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